28 May 2017 
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 A solid spam stopper.
A solid spam stopper.

if you are interested, please read through and advise support@digitalhost.net in getting this setup for your account.

Cpanel the hosting system we use has an excellent feature for stopping spam, however it is disabled on our servers because when used in a normal manner it causes the servers to be blacklisted.

It is called boxtrapper.

The reason our servers become blacklisted from BoxTrapper is spammers forge, fake and steal other peoples email addresses and send us all spam, boxtrapper uses a responder system to challenge the sender of emails to you, if those senders are spammers using other people’s email addresses the innocent people receiving all those responders will complain to SPAMCOP and other RBL list providers and have our servers black listed. The end result is you will have a situation where your own emails cannot get through to the people you want.

We can enable BoxTrapper for you on one proviso

All the responder emails in the box trapper configuration in cpanel need to be blank, you edit them just once and wipe out all the text. This still allows the system to work and does not get the servers black listed, it stops the challenge responders going out.

I have personally tested this and it works 100% stopping all spam.

It has an automated whitelist system so that people you send emails to after enabling boxtrapper are whitelisted and you don’t need to manually approve them from the queue.

All other senders to you are queued and you need to login to cpanel, go to boxtrapper and look at the queue of emails, most will be spam, you can check multiple lists and either whitelist or delete.

Issues that can arise, if you do not manage the growing queue of emails coming in then it takes up space in your email account cpanel quota, so at least weekly you need to login and clean up the queued list, something you would want to do this in the beginning to check for legit senders.

Let me know and I can have this enabled on your own website for testing, you can enable it on one or more of your email accounts as you choose from the cpanel.

Please remember that the responders must be disabled, if we find the server IP’s being blacklisted due to boxtrapper responders and find clients leaving them enabled we will disable boxtrapper permanently for said accounts.

How to wipe out the responders.

Go to BoxTrapper in the cpanel. ( in the same area and email functions. )
Go to the email account in and either Manage or Enable first boxtrapper for the email account.
Go to: Edit Confirmation Messages
This option allows you to customize the responses that email senders receive when they send messages to a BoxTrapper-enabled

Edit each of these, remove all the text and save each one as a blank.

now you can use boxtrapper and it will work fine without causing issues of server blacklisting etc.

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