28 May 2017 
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 Reducing Spam
Here is the easiest way to reduce spam that I have found and I use it myself and clients I have advised use it now with great success.

1. I logged into my cpanel and enabled DKM and SFP found under the Email section for Email Authentication.

2. I also enabled spam Assassin and set the level down to 1 or 2 ( this means spam assassin is very harsh on spam and it will tag just about anything that looks like spam as spam.

3. I set spam Assassin NOT TO DELETE SPAM but deliver it to my computer ( I use Outlook on a windows computer. ) ( The same will work with Apple/Mac Computers. )

4. In Outlook ( On my computer ) I set a rule ( Outlook lets you set rules on how to handle incoming emails. ) So I set a rule which says anything with the spam Tag in the message subject is to be automatically put in my spam or trash folder in outlook, so I never see the spam until

a. I empty the trash which Outlook can do automatically upon logout, ( be sure to check the spam or trash folder before logging out of your email program.

b. I view the trash folder every day and check that no legit emails have been accidentally tagged as spam, if I find an email from a legit person that was tagged as spam I
login to my cpanel and go to the spam assassin settings and whitelist that persons email address. ( In the spam Assassin settings it allows you to list an unlimited number of peoples email addresses as a whitelist or even a blacklist to block people, if the fields appear to finish you simply save and reload the page, new empty fields for more email addresses will appear.

Overtime you will build a whitelist, over a longer time spam assassin learns your habits, Over a year you will no longer need to check your spam folder and you will not see any of the spam any more, Eventually SpamAssassin knows your legit senders and other rules that it computes using a complex set of Mathematical calculations and also based on your sending habits.

After a year or some time that you feel confident no legit emails are being tagged as spam you can login to cpanel and go to Spam Assassin and set it to Delete the emails which are tagged as spam, this means they will no longer be downloaded to your computer and you won’t even see those emails any longer.

If you feel spam assassin is too harsh at level 1 or 2 you can increase it to 3 or 5 to reduce the incidence of legit emails being tagged as spam.

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