28 May 2017 
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 Support desk upgrade August 2010 - Includes Live assistance.
Support desk upgrade August 2010 - Includes Live assistance.

At times clients cannot receive email responses for support, in those cases after a support ticket is submitted and you cannot login to view our support responses we welcome clients to open a live assistance window so we can provide your support login details.

We would request that live assistance is only used in those cases or for new account enquires, due to the number of support requests we receive 24/7 all support tickets are answered as a priority above live assistance requests unless you have no access to your support ticket.

Opening a support ticket can be done in two ways.

1. Visit https://www.digitalhost.net/support/index.php and click: Register: https://www.digitalhost.net/support/index.php?_m=core&_a=register

please make note of your email address used and the password, in the event of your email failing you can still login to the support desk to view our responses of the progress of the issue.


2. Simply send a support request to support@digitalhost.net and that will open a ticket, if your email services are working all our responses will show up in your inbox of your email program.

We have found that 75% of email and other support issues are related to incorrect settings on clients computers, expired domains and unpaid invoices, because of this high percentage please do check that.

1. Your domain has been renewed.
2. Your billing is paid up to date.
3. Your computer and internet access is working correctly.

Thank you

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