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Stopping spam

"Spam" or unsolicited email has become a common annoyance to most internet users.

Use these tips to help prevent spam.


If your email account is being flooded with spam, try removing the account for a period of time,

then setup an forwarder >>>> :blackhole:


Forwarders are setup in your Cpanel

Mail Manager



Please refrain from using :fail: settings on forwarders and default accounts, many spammers are using non-existent and forged email accounts to send out spam, using the :fail: option slows down our mail servers, please use instead the :blackhole: option.


An Easy way to block senders of spam in Outlook Express.

From the main menu click: Message
Choose the Option: Block Sender
This will not only block that sender but delete all existing emails from that sender which are currently in your inbox.

The blocked senders list can be edited. From the main menu choose: Tools : Message Rules: Choose: Blocked Senders List. Add or Delete any email address.

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