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Where is the full directory path?
/home/your ftp user name/public_html

What is the path to perl?
The path to perl is /usr/bin/perl .

What is the path to sendmail?
The path to sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail .

What is the path to my cgi-bin?
The path to your cgi-bin is /home/your ftp user name/public_html/cgi-bin/

Where do I upload my CGI scripts?
You should upload your cgi scripts to the cgi-bin folder although cgi-scripts will also run else where. Only cgi scripts are viewable in the cgi-bin so .txt and .html files should not be placed in the cgi-bin.

I have uploaded my cgi script but it doesn't work! What should I do?
You must chmod CGI scripts to 755 using your ftp program before they will work.

How do I configure my e-mail?
You should use "" as your incoming mail(POP3) and outgoing mail(SMTP) and the same username and password as your ftp.

How can I access my emails without coming to my control panel?
You can use POP3 mail programs such as Outlook express or eudora. Remember to use the username like this: and the password is whatever.

How do I upload my web-site?
You need to use a program such as cuteftp or wsftp.

What details do I use to connect to your server using WSFTP?
You should connect using the address, you will also need your username and password you received in your welcome e-mail.

I cannot log-in to my control panel, why?
Please check your username and password again. If you have problem accessing the control panel via your domain, try using the IP which was provided in welcome email.

I have forgotten my password, what should i do?
Just send us an Email or go to help desk and make a new ticket. you must provide us with your username, and the order ID to get a new password.

My website is not running why?
Please wait for few hours and then try again, check your DNS setting. delete your cookies and try again. make sure you placed all your files in Public_html directory. check your temporarily URL 'xxx' is the IP provided in welcome email. if your website didn't show up, contact us or go to help desk and make a new ticket.

How can I add a subdomain?
Just go to your control panel, click on subdomains, you will be taken to new page, just put anything before your name, example: and then click on add. xxx subdomain will be added to your subdomains automatically. If subdomain is not enabled in your account please contact us so we can enable it for you.

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