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Email settings

The following information will help you setup your email program to access your email account.


Important: First, make sure you have created a New Email Account by following Steps 1-4 (described below). For this Tutorial we will create a full functioning POP3 Account for "digitalhost", using "tempassword" for the password.


To set up a new mail account for "digitalhost" on Outlook Express or MS Outlook, follow these steps:

1) Open up Outlook Express (Start >Programs >Outlook Express)

2) Click on the "Tools" menu from the top of Outlook Express and choose "Accounts"

3) From the new window click the "Add" button on the top right and choose "mail"

4) type in "sales" for the Account Name (this can be changed later) and click "next"



5) In this window (Yes you have an email account) type "" and click "next"


Note: "" is just an example, always replace it with Your Domain Name


6) In this window type "" in both the Incoming & Outgoing boxes, click "next"


Note:"" is just an example, always replace it with Your Domain Name


7) Now type in "" for the Account name, and "testing" for the password . . .Important: Normally you would let us know the Account Name and Password to set up on your server. . .in this example we are using "" and "tempassword" for the password.


Note: you should not have to check the box that says "Log on using Secure Password Authentication"



8) Hit the "next" button and then the "finish" button to create your account.




To Finalize the Settings to your POP3 account for "sales" on Outlook Express, follow these steps:


The "Internet Accounts" Window should still be open . . . if not -

  • Click on the "Tools" menu from the top of Outlook Express, and choose "Accounts" from the pull down menu.
  • Select the account "" in your list of email accounts by clicking on it Click the "Properties" button

That will bring up a window for the "General" Tab Note: "" was an example, it should now show Your Domain Name



Now Click on the "Servers" tab to bring up this window to:

1) Put a CheckMark next to My server requires authentication

2) Now click the "Settings" Button



Click the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" and then click the "OK" Button.


Click the "OK" Button on all Windows to close them.



To Test your POP3 account for "sales" follow these steps:
  • Start a New Mail message by clicking on the New Mail Icon at the top left of Outlook or Outlook Express, or click on the File Menu,
  • Choose New, then click on Mail Message
  • Make the From: Box use your New Account by clicking on the Down Arrow (at the far right of screen) and choosing
  • In the To: Box type in, or click on the word To: and choose sales from the list
  • You can leave the CC: Box blank, or enter in another email address to send a Carbon Copy to
  • In the Subject: Box type in Testing, or whatever you like You don't have to type anything into the body of the message
  • Now hit the Send Icon or click on the File Menu and click on Send Message Wait about 30 seconds after message is sent, then click on the Send/Recv Icon Your Message should come in on your New Email Account.

Other important setup information For your Email Account to work properly, you MUST PUT A CheckMark in the box next to "My server requires authentication" - or you will have errors in your email setup!

Note: If you are sending an receiving lots of email, you can conserve on Bandwidth by using your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to handle all of your Outgoing Mail


Settings to Conserve on Bandwidth are:

Incoming mail (POP3):"" Outgoing mail (SMTP): "your ISP info" You will need to call your Internet Service Provider to find out what setting to type in for Outgoing mail If you have an existing account, you can copy the settings for Outgoing mail from it.


Use your Username / Password:

Account name - see below Password - see below


When you sign up for a Hosting Plan, you are given a Username and Password, which you would also use for email.

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